Casino FAQ

Am I old enough to play in an online casino?
Can I alter my game options?
Can I change my game limits?
Can I contact MANSION88 if I have a problem or query?
Can I play for free?
Can there be bugs in the software?
Does MANSION88 offer any bonuses or promotions for players?
How can I check my game history?
How do I open a MANSION88 account?
How do I remove an incorrectly placed bet?
How do I withdraw my money from the Casino?
How do I transfer money from my Sportsbook account to the Casino?
How do I transfer money from the Casino to my Sportsbook account?
How do MANSION88 CASINO games work, are they fair?
How to play a game?
Is my personal information safe and secure?
What Currency is used in the casino?
What do I do if I can not access my account due to having forgotten my password or user name?
What happens if I lose money due to a bug?
What if I lose my internet connection during play?
What is an online casino?
What is Casino Responsible Gaming Limit?
Where is MANSION88 CASINO licensed?

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